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The Songwriters’ Toolkit

Hello and welcome to Songwork International’s “The Songwriters’ Toolkit”. What a fine, upstanding and smart musical human you are. It’s a pleasure to have you here.

Below you’ll find a wealth of musical inspiration for you (and if you’re a teacher, for your students), from chords sequence midi packs to beats, from samples to effects chains, composition and mix templates to lyrical inspiration.

Everything contained below is free for you to use in your compositions, lessons and releases. If you enjoy using these resources, please share this page with your team/band/friends, and tag us in your socials. We’re easily found on Instagram and Facebook, so come connect with us there (we are friendly humans! 😊).

Happy music making from Roo, Rich and all of the Songwork team.

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Learn from and write with our family of platinum hit songwriters

Music Production

Master production skills on latest equipment with platinum producers.

Studio Sessions

Join us in our studios in Singapore, United Kingdom and Bali.

Bespoke Services

From songwriting camps to one-on-one sessions to building careers.

Songwriting Workshops

The 4-day songwriting workshops are designed for music students and anyone with an interest in learning or furthering their songwriting skills.  Up to eight students are led through group and individual tasks designed to give them skills to write both songs and instrumental music.  Focus is given to lyric writing, chord sequencing, dynamics and melodic writing as well as a basic grounding in how to use Logic Pro X.  We give students the tools to find the inspiration to get started, and teach them how to think in different ways to develop their songs, with an eye on how to constructively evaluate their own, and others’ work.

Students leave the workshop with a mixed and produced recording of their final song, and the knowledge of how to start and finish a song, with loads of tips on overcoming writers block.

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About Us

Songwork International was created to offer enrichment and support to students and staff of leading international schools, by providing a wide variety of workshops, one-to-one sessions, curricular & extra curricular music lessons, and experiences.  Many of our long-term students have formalised their studies in the music & entertainment industries, and are now beginning successful careers as songwriters & artists, so in addition to our work with international schools we have an evolving client list of international artists and breakthrough acts.

The Songwork team stay active and relevant in the international music scene, and as such can offer students many opportunities in addition to our formal company services. From introductions to record labels & music publishers, to mentoring with internationally recognised songwriters, to industry support & knowledge – we’re here to turn your idea into a career.


Roo Pigott

Jessica Val Ang

Jessica Val Ang

Director of Operations
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Rich Huxley

Creative Director
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Britt Alawa

Business Development Consultant UK

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